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When everything is working, you do not even notice your business partner. This was the idea behind the founding of DESK in 2014, when we started selling AV equipment to corporate clients to support their operations.

From the beginning the idea was to develop presentation technology products, solutions, and services to meet our clients’ needs and enable a simple user experience. Four years later we were proud to have 215 clients and a versatile product selection. Now we still want to consider whether we can assist our corporate clients in new ways. We went again back to our founding principle – if it works, you won’t even notice it. It’s our mission to help our clients not have to worry about the equipment at all.

Our service catalogue reflects this idea. We offer effective use of equipment and conference rooms as an integrated service. We work so that our clients can focus on their core objectives – meeting people and having pleasant negotiations, workshops and conferences – without worrying about technology. Therefore, we continuously improve our services and update our selection with current solutions.

Ease of use, reliability and cost-effectiveness are the guiding principles that we at DESK follow when creating services and equipment solutions. This means that for the monthly fee you will receive equipment solutions that are easy to use as well as cost-effective. Further, you get maintenance service to ensure that they work properly and, most importantly, create successful experiences from effective meetings to functional spaces.


Why choose us?

” A large organization requires a small and agile AV partner.”


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