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YIT opted for a service model on their conference room bookings

YIT Corporation decided to update the AV technology in their conference rooms. DESK was selected from amongst a number of suppliers and manufacturers to handle the project.

YIT and DESK agreed on a monthly fee service model because it was the best answer the YIT’s needs at the moment.

”Previously we had purchased all our AV equipment, which meant that maintaining them had to be done by our own IT department. The service contract with DESK provides us with an integrated service, rather than just equipment,” states Jukka Vänttinen from YIT (Director, End User and Technical IT Services).

”In addition to our headquarters in Helsinki, we have little by little expanded the service model to include our premises in other Finnish cities. During the project we came to the conclusion that our AV technology was in part outdated. Therefore, we decided to replace the old projectors with analogue VGA adapters and new displays. At the same time, we changed to completely wireless audio-visual transmission. The development in AV technology proceeds rapidly and requires a wealth of knowledge and therefore we decided to acquire our conference technology as a service,” Vänttinen tells us.

”We emphasise ease of use as well as reliability both from the equipment and from the partner: they need to react swiftly to changes and update the service from time to time,” Vänttinen says.

”The integrated service also includes recycling the old equipment in addition to installing the new ones. The services provided by DESK guarantee easy use of meeting rooms. Our service contract with DESK further ensure that the technology is regularly and easily upgraded in the future,” Vänttinen sums up.

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