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Samuli Yrttimaa

Sales Manager

050 506 7831

“A good salesperson has two ears and one mouth”

Not a talking machine, but a calm listener – introducing Samuli Yrttimaa, Sales Manager. He feels the salesperson should create a space where the customer feels they can talk about their needs.

How do you use your expertise to benefit your customers?

To me, expertise is the ability to distinguish the core problems when the customer speaks, crystallize them and find solutions to them. They can be found by researching the product offering – both existing and brand new – and then presenting them in a clear and structured way to the customer. A good expert can recommend solutions that the customer did not even know existed.

What is the best feedback you have received?

Definitely the best feedback is that customer relationships last for a long time, up to ten years. Recently, I also felt really good when a customer introduced me like this: "Hey, here's Samuli from DESK, they provided us with the technology for our premises - if you need someone who gets things done instantly, here he is." The next moment we were discussing the new technology for their auditorium.

How did you become a sales manager?

My career as a salesman started already in primary school, when I was the school paper’s top salesperson with my friend. We were not content selling magazines only to friends and relatives. We wanted to find larger audiences: we toured bars and restaurants of Helsinki with our sales backpacks and sold out the magazines right away. I also used the same method in my summer job as a salesperson for Iltalehti, but I also extended the sales scope to ferry terminals, among other places.

Next, I took a position as unit manager in the burger restaurant Carrols and then in ElisaShopit's customer service, where I got my first contact with the phone operator business. I got acquainted with B2B sales at Atea Finland and Aronet. Eventually, I became an entrepreneur building an AV business. From there, DESK invited me to their ranks. And I have not regretted!

What kind of work atmosphere do you enjoy?

I enjoy inspiring, energetic, and forward-thinking organisations. At DESK, we spend time together outside of working hours – it tells us about our work atmosphere.

Describe yourself in three words.

Informative, positive – and I like to highlight others. I am not afraid to praise my colleagues, and I enjoy getting others in a good mood. If you ask me to do something, I might have done it already!

What are your hobbies?

I spend four hours a week doing sculpture and woodwork, such as furniture. I enjoy doing things by hand and sculpture was one of my favourite subjects at school. In addition, I exercise in a variety of ways: skiing, cycling, and jogging. I also like stand-up paddling. There is nothing as soothing as the tranquillity of the sea.

What is important to you in life?

Family, movement, and freedom. Freedom means being able to decide what to do with your own life. I have a great job to go to every morning. So, I always laugh that the best thing about Friday is that there are only two days until Monday.

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