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Elmo Väisänen


044 777

Being CEO and a customer service expert, Elmo Väisänen loves to be direct and honest. At DESK, nobody works like a poker player – hiding information or capacity – but appreciating open discussion.

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Lars Furuholm

Chairman (financial administration)

0400 409

In leadership, the most important thing is to keep your head cold and your heart warm. This is what Chairman Lars Furuholm thinks. He relies on openness and listening.

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Petri Eriksson

Product and Sales Manager

0400 409

Petri Eriksson feels he has been successful in his work when customers can focus on their core mission and not have to worry about the technology.

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Matti Väisänen

Service Sales Director

0400 455

Matti Väisänen, Director of Service Sales, has purchased and used what he now delivers. Understanding the customer’s perspective, goals, and critical points is important in customer situations.

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Ilkka Karlsson

Sales Manager

0400 775

At DESK, sales manager is sometimes the installer, sometimes the warehouseman and always the customer service officer. This versatile field of responsibilities is the strength of Sales Manager Ilkka Karlsson.

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