We provide solutions for workplaces and meetings

What is the common factor between effective meetings and quality workspaces? We at DESK believe that business is best created in an environment where people can enjoy each other’s company and communicate with ease. This is what DESK stands for.

The world is changing and the needs for virtual meetings and working together are both relevant. DESK creates peaceful working environments regardless of time, space and place. You can attend a hybrid meeting from a conference room, lounge, auditorium, or from home or summer cottage. Providing perfect audio, sharp visuals, and effective meeting technology is our core competence. We take care of cables and equipment for you – we supply you with modern AV solutions as easy and cost-effective to maintain as an integrated service.

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The DESK Method

Workplace auditis
On-going Connection

Technology solutions for meetings and trainings

Web conferences and remote meetings are everyday reality in most companies. However, you will get better results from your meetings, if you integrate the systems into compatible entities. Then the participants will best enjoy the flow of information in your meetings.

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Solutions for business premises

DESK offers comprehensive solutions to the management of business premises. As the safety requirements for premises keep increasing, in particular visitor control and security must be handled effectively and as automatically as possible. The same goes for managing the actual business premises.

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Communications solutions

Internal communications can be significantly enhanced by utilizing an information display system. Personnel, clients and other visitors receive timely information through the digital display system.

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Furniture solutions

Temporary workstations at the office or at home must be ergonomic. A chair at the kitchen table or the living room couch do not enable the best working conditions. In the long run a bad position can cause medical problems such as sore muscles, chronic pain or headaches.

DESK offers a high-quality selection of office furniture suitable for office and home use.

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Remote working solutions

As remote work continues to become routine, the requirements for the equipment also increase. DESK helps you design and equip your workstation with equipment that support your work and make the workday more efficient and enjoyable.

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Solutions as a service

We offer minutely designed integrated services and standardized packages on a monthly fee. Our all-in-one service package includes everything: the equipment, materials and maintenance you need – at a fair monthly price.

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YIT Corporation / Conference rooms

YIT opted for a service model for their conference room bookings.

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YIT Corporation / Lobby

We have delivered an elegant video wall solution to the entrance lobby of YIT Corporation’s headquarters.

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