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An information display system significantly enhances your internal communications. We offer you a clear and easy-to-use system, comprehensive user support and regular training. Then you will control your screens remotely in real time. Easy and effectiv

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Display solutions for businesses

Improving the company's internal communication makes everyone's daily life easier. A digital information display by the coffee room or in the corridor enables precisely targeted, up-to-date, and efficient communication. You will also get the urgent alerts in easy-to-read, and you can update them remotely.
You can easily show on the displays the most important messages to your staff: intranet bulletins, disturbance alerts, invitations, reminders, lunch lists or, for example, the coming company wellness day’s schedule.

Information display takes care of:
• Internal communications
• Quick news
• Info TV
• Centralized communication channel
• Automated communication


Stairwell display

Move your apartment house with one click to the digital era by replacing the old cork board in the stairs with a digital display. The display acts as an internal notice board for residents, where important bulletins, contact information and fault messages can be released in real time. The screen can be programmed remotely.

The digital display can be adapted according to its users wishes – make it show local bus schedules, the news headlines of the day, the club room booking calendar or even the weekly specials of the local supermarket. With the display, you can always keep the stair-specific resident lists updated.

Stairwell displays include:

• Resident data management
• Centralised data flow and management
• Vandal protection
• Remote control


Display by the door

Make your meetings more peaceful – get an up-to-date reservation screen by the conference room door. The digital door display shows whether the room is occupied, by whom and for how long. So instead of hunting for a room, you can focus on the essentials.
The booking calendar shows at a glance whether the room is available – and saves you from embarrassing interruptions. You can easily control the display remotely, of course!

The door displays manage:
• Meeting room status information
• Traffic lights for the meeting rooms
• Facility management


Mobile device management as a service

With secure and up-to-date equipment, you ensure the daily smooth workflow for the entire organization. From DESK, you get mobile devices and remote device management tools as a comprehensive service for your business and, of course, comprehensive user support. This means you can get new devices delivered to users and a service for their remote management from one place.

Every device and its lifecycle is also under our management. Centralized Device Management ensures that updates to existing devices are always up-to-date and can be easily cleared remotely if a device is lost. With Mobile Device Management, you can ensure that your business devices stay in efficient use, and they are safe.

Our service also includes the secure clearing and recycling of equipment.

DESK’s mobile device management includes:

• Equipment as a service
• Pre-installation and delivery
• Continuous device management and updating
• Responsible decommissioning


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