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DESK is your partner in modern space management – we provide you with safe and versatile solutions for your business needs. Working close to you, we will make the facilities comfortable and inviting for both your staff and your customers, from the outdoor to the meeting rooms and everything in between. 

In a today’s world, security requirements for business premises have also become more important. Managing the premises and visitors must be efficient and secure, but at the same time as automatic and pleasant as possible. 

Meetings and appointments are increasingly organized as diverse, hybrid solutions. This means that functional and well-equipped workspaces will be more and more essential in the future. Therefore, it is important that you can manage space reservation systems in an agile and effortless manner.

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Visitor management systems

The visitor management system takes care of your visitors automatically, from the welcome message all the way to signing in. The system notifies the host digitally when the guest arrives – so you can check your outfit and order the coffee just on time! Naturally, the system also allows contactless check-in, giving the lobby staff a chance to focus on other tasks.
The smart system makes both visitor registration and reporting easy. You can keep track of visitor traffic all the time – even in the case of an emergency.

Visitor management system includes and enables:
• Automatic instructions to your guest about arrival and check-in
• Automatic information about visitors to the reception
• Self-service tablet or stand to assist and speed up service
• Contactless check-in with QR code


Meeting room booking systems

If you need a booking system, you've come to the right place! Whether you need to manage meeting rooms, office pods, saunas, parking spaces, or even scooters or lockers, DESK delivers you an easy-to-use booking system. We can make the electronic booking calendar accessible for everyone – the system reads the programs you use, and the summary screen shows the current total status of the bookings.

At the office, it’s no more people lost in corridors, embarrassing interruptions, or confusion with room reservations, when you get a reservation system for your premises from us. The digital system makes room reservations precise and hassle-free – participants find the right place at once, and the colour codes on the meeting room’s reservation screen tell you immediately whether the space is free or busy.

Digital booking calendar makes your life easier:

• Illustrative colours indicate each room’s reservation status
• The system enables also ad hoc bookings
• The system produces comprehensive reports on occupancy rates
• You can make notification on faulty equipment
• The system is integrated to many back-end systems and enables payment transactions


Workstation reservation system

Remote work has quickly become more popular – in fact, most likely it is changing working life permanently. Now it’s common that people go to the office only occasionally. Therefore, offices are equipped with fewer workstations than before. With an easy-to-use workstation booking system, you can easily see the workstation situation and book your place.
Workstation bookings can be done with the help of, for example, a mobile app or unnoticeable presence sensors. An easy-to-use booking system simplifies the planning of workdays and helps make savings in the company's fixed costs.

Workstation reservations:
• Remote booking of workstations
• Presence sensors
• Seating reservations


Flexible use of office pods

Office pods of various sizes is an easy and quick way to improve peace of mind at work. From DESK, you get customizable and mobile office pods for demanding work, teamwork, concentration, and recovery.
The choice of space should always be made according to the needs of the users. For example, you can direct calls and remote appointments to your office pod or make it your peaceful spot to concentrate on demanding work. The retreat space also easily transforms into a small puppet for short appointments.
Office pods make a perfect meeting space or a soundproofed lounge in an open-plan office – and they can be tailored to your specific needs. Space solutions with an air quality sensor always keep the air quality fresh, even when the space is small. With minimalist and modern design, the space is equipped with intelligent technology that controls the lights, adjusts ventilation, and monitors carbon dioxide levels. The high-quality wooden surface materials and acoustics create an optimal setting to focus on what is at hand – making phone calls, holding a meeting, or taking a moment to recover in the middle of a hectic day.

Just ask what office pods can offer:
• Meeting room in the middle of an open office
• Concentration space
• Soundproof workspace
• Quiet workspace
• Huddle space


Smart window films and smart glasses

Smart window films provide convenient versatility to your office and smart glasses create a private space within your open office. Multi-purpose films make it give you privacy through opacity and sound insulation. Additionally, smart film effectively filters UV light, increases impact resistance and even works conveniently as a screen.
Smart film replaces the traditional milk and frost glass and can be installed on all indoor glass surfaces – as partitions and dividers in open-plan offices, showrooms and conference rooms, and to quickly and easily bring privacy to large spaces or create large and versatile projection surfaces. Smart film can be controlled with a remote control.

Through DESK, you get multi-purpose smart films as well as design services for all kinds of spaces. Let’s talk more!

Versatile smart films available from DESK provide you with:
• Easy privacy
• Ability to act as a screen
• Increased impact resistance
• Improved sound insulation
• Added value for all indoor glass surfaces


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