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Solutions for business premises

DESK offers comprehensive solutions to the management of business premises. As the safety requirements for premises keep increasing, in particular visitor control and security must be handled effectively and as automatically as possible. The same goes for managing the actual business premises.

Well-equipped conference rooms and meeting spaces will surely be needed as meetings and negotiations develop towards hybrid solutions. This means you need an agile control over the reservations. In addition to bookings, today’s technology enables measuring the meeting room conditions and utilization rate. Sensors connected to the web collect data on the number of people in the space, its utilization rate, the air quality, the reservation situation at the parking lot, and so forth.

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Visitor management systems

The visitor management systems take care of visits automatically, from the welcome message all the way to signing in. The system also enables contactless login services.

• Automatic arrivals and operating instructions to clients
• Automatically informs reception about coming visitors
• Self-service tablet or stand to assist and speed up service
• Contactless login services using QR code


Room booking systems

A room booking system makes room and space reservation management easy and effortless. The system eliminates potential errors and confusions, and that the arriving guest finds the correct room.

• Illustrative colours indicate each room’s reservation status
• Enables also ad hoc bookings
• The system provides reports about for example utilization rate
• Notifications on possibly faulty equipment to meeting room users


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