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Technology solutions for meetings and trainings

Web conferences and remote meetings are everyday reality in most companies. However, you will get better results from your meetings, if you integrate the systems into compatible entities. Then the participants will best enjoy the flow of information in your meetings.

High-quality, well-designed and technically appropriate AV technology is always easy to use. When you need to organise larger events, choose our auditorium and seminar solutions. They will guarantee a smooth and classy meeting experience for your audience.

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Solutions for web and Teams meetings

DESK provides you with application and technology independent equipment that suit all types of meeting rooms. To make it as easy as possible for you, we will tailor you an all in one solution.

• Web conference solutions
• Teams solutions
• Integrated office technology solutions


Touch screen solutions

Touch screens have quickly emerged as a brilliant tool for today’s flexible office work. They make presenting, planning, web meetings and teamwork fluent and efficient.

• Touch screen
• Digital flip chart
• Collaboration tools


AV solutions – now image and sound are on your side

Top visual and audio quality is a key part of web meetings. With neatly assembled technology, you can enjoy your workday in great style.

• Planning and assembling
• Instructions and maintenance
• AV solutions


Auditoriums and seminar solutions

When you have a real conference space, we advise you to invest in quality sound and visual technology. DESK provides you with tailored solutions and state-of-the-art equipment that help organise all the meetings, seminars and hybrid events you need.

• Planning and assembling
• Tailored solutions


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