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Remote working solutions

As remote work continues to become routine, the requirements for the equipment also increase. DESK helps you design and equip your workstation with equipment that support your work and make the workday more efficient and enjoyable.

We offer a wide selection of workstations, tables, desks, chairs, and other furniture that will fit in seamlessly to your office or home. In addition, we provide external displays, ergonomic mouses and keyboards as well as headphones, microphones, and webcams. In our blog we give more ideas about how to make remote working comfortable. Read it here!

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Functional equipment for remote work

DESK helps you design and equip your workstation so that it supports your work and makes it more efficient. We help you maintain connections, benefit from teamwork, and make the workday more enjoyable with less distractions.


• High-quality terminals
• Microphones
• Cameras with microphones
• Conference phones with speakers
• Counter-noise headphones
• Background noise reducing headphones
• Headsets


The right kind of furniture for your work at home

DESK supplies you with equipment that makes your workday more comfortable. For example, ERGO mice and keyboards reduce muscle strain and improve your well-being.


• Ergonomic office chairs
• ERGO mice and keyboards
• Adjustable desks


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